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Integrated Consulting Services

Industrial Consulting -Consultants Engineers


 i-Consulting Consultants Engineers, provides Integrated Consulting Services, adapted to the contemporary business’s needs.

The company’s activation field is in the business consulting services in a wide range, that covers from the installation of a business activity and its authorisation, to specialized solutions for the organization of its operation and the certification of its producing products.

Applies procedures that is based on the one stop service mode, so that the executive resource to be able to cover all business needs.

It cooperates with companies offering specialized solutions, since it consist mainly of engineers, and furthermore collaborate with legal and financial executives.


Some reasons to cooperate with us:


Competency in subjects that other consulting companies can’t cover.


Consistency and efficiency due to the experience in the services offered.


Integrated technical and scientific coverage combinated with economical solutions.

Continual objective in competence

Practice philosophy and confidentiality.

Expertise in specialized fields and specifications.

Immediate response in client requirements at any time.

Support in technical matters after the end of the cooperation.

All of the above that will be ascertained if you get in contact with us will make you choose i-consulting as your business consultant.


Organisation’s objective is a successful cooperation and to gain absolute client trust, with the ultimate goal of a stable, a long-term cooperation in the field of consulting services.

Organisation aims at businesses that desire:

To installate in a site and to operate under approved environmental conditions

To raise an industrial building

To protect business property with a patent

To be authorised for their business activity

To submit a business plan for subsidisation

To organise health and safety in workplaces

To certify their producing goods with CE

To certify their activity according ISO international standards

To have a transport consultant if they are transporting ADR materials and have ongoing information on legislation relating to their business



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